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4-View Display

Light From Beyond

The RED HYDROGEN One and its 4-View Lightfield Display create an experience that goes beyond 3D—with no glasses required.

Powered by Nanotechnology, the display delivers realistic depth, light and textures bringing content to life in fundamentally new ways.

It’s the display the world didn’t see coming and it can’t stop looking at.

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You've Never Seen The
World Like This Before.

Videos, content, photos, movies, games, and more—they become a whole new visual experience with the RED HYDROGEN One and its 4-View Display with LitByLeia technology.

Featuring Leia Inc.’s Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting (DLB™), the 4-View Display creates imagery in both 4-View and standard 2D (2560x1440 resolution) that is as immersive and amazing as existence itself.

Traditional 3D required glasses and special equipment. Not anymore.

Step Into The LightField.

With the RED HYDROGEN One and its 4-View Lightfield display, you can do what no other 3D or technology has ever done: Switch seamlessly between 4-View and standard 2D modes without visible surface artifacts or loss of brightness.

At the same time, 4-View renders complex light effects—flares, light shafts, reflections, and more—with spectacular results. It also makes textures such as skin, leather, wood, metallic surfaces, and natural features look rich, real, and absolutely radiant.

Leia Inc.’s proprietary nanotechnology animates 4-View footage with shimmering field of light. The sheen of real life.*

4-View Display


No Limits, No Peers

The most advanced display in the industry needs no special glasses. No clunky headsets. No customization. And, unlike previous “3D,” 4-View works in both portrait and landscape modes without degrading the resolution or offering the limited 2 views (left eye/right eye) of previous technology.

4-View is able to send up to 16 different images at the same time to your eye while a proprietary algorithm creates a true “look-around” effect. In other words, this is a view that’s never existed before.

Our 4-View adds a more realistic perception of texture and depth to your photos, videos, and selfies.

*Screen brightness optimal indoors.

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A3D Sound

Sound You Didn't Think To Ask For

What until now took an entire theater full of speakers to accomplish now fits in your hand. With the proprietary A3D Sound from the RED HYDROGEN One.

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What Sound Always Wanted To Be

Our A3D algorithm frees the stereo files trapped in the old digital world. Sound becomes expansive, spatial, immersive—with or without headphones.

Music, movies, memories and content. They’re all experienced with a sound field that surrounds and stuns the senses.

Listening will once again be a thing.

A3D encoded material is full surround with headphones and near-surround from the HYDROGEN speakers.

A3D takes any stereo input and dramitcally exapnds the soundstage.

The A3D algorithm steers the sound to fill your room. A private concert. Just for you.

4-View Capture

Feel All Content

With the RED HYDROGEN One 4-View (H4V) capture, your content isn’t just seen. It’s felt.

Images, videos, and selfies—whatever you’re capturing, you now have front and back H4V recording capabilities, creating an experience that’s better than 3D and requires no glasses or tracking hardware.

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2D Camera

Control Your Capture

Part of the enhanced RED HYDROGEN One digital experience includes camera controls that give you more creative freedom and the ability to capture professional-quality images and content with ease.

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Industrial Design

Inventions Wrapped In Art

The RED HYDROGEN One is available in rugged titanium and aluminum models, each with a backplate made with Kevlar® fiber and intuitive, functional RED-designed sides and controls.

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All models are constructed of Aluminum or Titanium metal bodies, glass screen and a backplate made with Kevlar® fiber surrounding the lens area and Pogo Pin port.

(*DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.)

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SHADOW Anodized Aluminum
BLACK Anodized Aluminum

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