The RED HYDROGEN One is brought to you by the same minds that brought you the revolutionary RED Cameras.


After redefining what’s possible in digital cinema, the RED team set out to create the World’s First Media Machine. This relentless drive to make everything better gave birth to the HYDROGEN smartphone, an enhanced digital experience that you can only truly appreciate by exploring its creative power.

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Control Your Capture

Part of the enhanced RED HYDROGEN One digital experience includes camera controls that give you more creative freedom and the ability to capture professional-quality images and content with ease.

2D Camera

ISO Control

Change setting to make the camera sensor more or less sensitive to light. Lower ISO equals lower sensitivity. Higher equals higher. Lower ISO produces sharper images and better color. High ISO has more digital noise but is better for low-light and fast action.

2D Camera

Shutter Control

Measured in fractions of seconds, shutter speed control or exposure time controls the brightness of your photos and can create dramatic effect by freezing or blurring action. Remember, faster shutter speeds need higher ISO settings for more light.

2D Camera

Adjust Color

Color adjust before pressing the shutter button. Enhancements include Kelvin, Saturation, Contrast and Brightness control.

Save custom color profiles by pressing SAVE. To access saved profiles at any time, press LOAD.


2D Camera

Shoot To Card

Record to 4k without worrying about storage space. 128GB and 256GB available.

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