4-View Display

Light from beyond.

The RED HYDROGEN One and its 4-View Lightfield Display create an experience that goes beyond 3D—with no glasses required.

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A3D Sound

Sound you didn't think to ask for.

What until now took an entire theater full of speakers to accomplish now fits in your hand. With the proprietary A3D Sound from the RED HYDROGEN One.

Sound Experience

4-View Capture

Feel all content.

With the RED HYDROGEN ONE 4-View (H4V®) capture, your content isn’t just seen. It’s felt.

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Industrial Design

Inventions wrapped in art.

The RED HYDROGEN ONE is available in rugged titanium and aluminum models, carbon fiber backplate, and intuitive, functional RED-designed sides and controls.

Detail Oriented


The HYDROGEN One Media Machine is supported by two content delivery networks!

Create your own H4V® movies or go to the HYDROGEN Network to see others' H4V® created content.

Movies & Content

A large host of H4V® movie titles and Independent H4V® Filmmakers and Producers.

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Games & Apps

Engage, immerse and experience. RED | LeiaLoft™ is an exciting platform of content designed for the HYDROGEN One.

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